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Premium Soca Water

Fits on all standard water coolers                   18.9L  5-Gallon  Weight = 50 lbs                

Bottles with handles                                   11.36L 3-Gallon  Weight 35 lbs        

Refundable bottle deposit $10.00/ each              500 mL  Available in a 24-case              

Minimum 3 bottles per delivery                       

“7 Series” Water Coolers

For use with 3/5 Gal [11.36/18.9L] bottles. Stainless steel reservoirs for superior long-lasting reliability. Energy Star Qualified, CSA. Us.  Approved . Made with FDA Grade Material. 5-year warranty. Includes a No Spill -No Leak bottle receptacle, carrying handle for ease of transportation, adjustable feet, steel side panels and an easy to remove drip tray.

Cook & Cold

Dispenses Cold water. Easy to use push/pull levers. Cold Water Output / Hour: 4L / 1.06Gal

Cold Temperature: 41-50˚F / 5-10˚C

Hot & Cold

Dispenses Hot & Cold water. Ready-to-dispense indicator lights. Easy to use push/pull levers
with childproof safety lock for hot water. Hot Water Output / Hour: 4L / 1.06 Gal. Hot Temperature: 185-198 ˚F / 85-92˚C. Water flow in 10-Seconds: Cold: 500ml , Cook: 470ml, Hot:320ml

Manual  Pump

Top of the line manual pump for dispensing water  from most any bottle!

Fits screw top and crown top bottles. Unique    adapter allows the Pump to mount to most bottles.

Heavy-duty vacuum action. Dispense as quickly    or slowly as you like: simply push down on the   

  top of the pump.

No batteries required. No drips or leaks.    Cleaning kit provided.

Great for home, hospital, camping, office,    picnic, school or laboratory.

Tap Dispenser & Cradle

Our bottle cradle with dispensing tap provides a simple and convenient way to dispense room temperature water at your home or cottage.

4oz Cone Cups

Conical-shaped with rolled rims, these cups are ideal beside water coolers.

High Output Shower Filter  with Massager

With the High Output Shower Filter, you can feel secure knowing you’re bathing in water that’s been purified of contaminants, bacteria, toxins, irritants, and heavy metals.


Removes chlorine (Cl-)

Removes hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)

Removes iron oxide (rust water)

Removes dirt, sediment

Removes odours

It is pH balanced

Cartridge life rating: 1 Year

Available in white, silver and gold.

NEW ! 5-Stage Alkaline Reverse Osmosis System

Say   good-bye   to…Heavy bottle lifting, limited faucet filters.

Have   unlimited…Fresh water for drinking, cooking, ice & coffee making, baby-formula, pet feeding,

beauty washing, dietary/medical uses, and precious plants watering.

Save! Aqua-Life’s Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water System offers premium quality drinking water at

a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Filters out most heavy metals and contaminants

Produces 75-gallons  of fresh clean water a day

Uses no electricity

pH = 8.0

Costs only cents a day

Free installation

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